Gaetano Giunta
Gaetano Giunta
Full Professor of Telecommunications, University of Roma Tre, Chair of Digital Signal Processing
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A novel approach to indoor RSSI localization by automatic calibration of the wireless propagation model
P Barsocchi, S Lenzi, S Chessa, G Giunta
VTC Spring 2009-IEEE 69th Vehicular Technology Conference, 1-5, 2009
Blind quality assessment system for multimedia communications using tracing watermarking
P Campisi, M Carli, G Giunta, A Neri
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Virtual calibration for RSSI-based indoor localization with IEEE 802.15. 4
P Barsocchi, S Lenzi, S Chessa, G Giunta
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Dynamic LOS/NLOS statistical discrimination of wireless mobile channels
F Benedetto, G Giunta, A Toscano, L Vegni
2007 IEEE 65th Vehicular Technology Conference-VTC2007-Spring, 3071-3075, 2007
Digital image sequence processing, compression, and analysis
TR Reed, JMF Moura, G Giunta, L Lucchese, FGBD Natale, C Stiller, ...
CRC, 2004
Reliability of signal processing technique for pavement damages detection and classification using ground penetrating radar
A Benedetto, F Benedetto, MR De Blasiis, G Giunta
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A Fast Unambiguous Acquisition Algorithm for BOC-Modulated Signals
F Benedetto, G Giunta, S Lohan, M Renfors
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Knowledge-based adaptive detection: Joint exploitation of clutter and system symmetry properties
C Hao, D Orlando, G Foglia, G Giunta
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 23 (10), 1489-1493, 2016
Fine estimators of two-dimensional parameters and application to spatial shift estimation
G Giunta
IEEE transactions on signal processing 47 (12), 3201-3207, 1999
A maximum entropy method to assess the predictability of financial and commodity prices
F. Benedetto, G. Giunta, L. Mastroeni
Digital Signal Processing 46, 19–31, 2015
A self-synchronizing method for asynchronous code acquisition in band-limited spread spectrum communications
F Benedetto, G Giunta
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Real-time video transmission in vehicular networks
MA Bonuccelli, G Giunta, F Lonetti, F Martelli
2007 Mobile Networking for Vehicular Environments, 115-120, 2007
Fast estimators of time delay and Doppler stretch based on discrete-time methods
G Giunta
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 46 (7), 1785-1797, 1998
Reliability of radar inspection for detection of pavement damage
A Benedetto, F Benedetto, MR De Blasiis, G Giunta
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A Unified Approach for Time-Delay Estimators in Spread Spectrum Communications
F Benedetto, G Giunta, S Bucci
Communications, IEEE Transactions on 59 (12), 3421-3429, 2011
Applying telecommunications methodology to road safety for rear-end collision avoidance
F Benedetto, A Calvi, F D’Amico, G Giunta
Transportation research part C: emerging technologies 50, 150-159, 2015
Performance Improvements of OFDM Signals Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
E Guzzon, F Benedetto, G Giunta
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Fall), 2012 IEEE 76th, 2012
Estimation of global motion parameters by complex linear regression
G Giunta, U Mascia
IEEE transactions on image processing 8 (11), 1652-1657, 1999
Effective monitoring of freeloading user in the presence of active user in cognitive radio networks
F Benedetto, G Giunta, E Guzzon, M Renfors
IEEE transactions on vehicular technology 63 (5), 2443-2450, 2013
Spread-spectrum code acquisition in the presence of cell correlation
G Giunta, F Benedetto
IEEE transactions on communications 55 (2), 257-261, 2007
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