Vasilis Kapetanidis
Vasilis Kapetanidis
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The 2013 earthquake swarm in Helike, Greece: seismic activity at the root of old normal faults
V Kapetanidis, A Deschamps, P Papadimitriou, E Matrullo, ...
Geophysical Journal International 202 (3), 2044-2073, 2015
The 12th June 2017 Mw= 6.3 Lesvos earthquake from detailed seismological observations
P Papadimitriou, I Kassaras, G Kaviris, GA Tselentis, N Voulgaris, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 115, 23-42, 2018
The Santorini Volcanic Complex: A detailed multi-parameter seismological approach with emphasis on the 2011–2012 unrest period
P Papadimitriou, V Kapetanidis, A Karakonstantis, G Kaviris, N Voulgaris, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 85, 32-57, 2015
A detailed seismic anisotropy study during the 2011–2012 unrest period in the Santorini Volcanic Complex
G Kaviris, P Papadimitriou, P Kravvariti, V Kapetanidis, A Karakonstantis, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 238, 51-88, 2015
On the spatial distribution of seismicity and the 3D tectonic stress field in western Greece
I Kassaras, V Kapetanidis, A Karakonstantis
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 95, 50-72, 2016
Estimation of arrival-times in intense seismic sequences using a Master-Events methodology based on waveform similarity
V Kapetanidis, P Papadimitriou
Geophysical Journal International 187 (2), 889-917, 2011
The April–June 2007 Trichonis Lake earthquake swarm (W. Greece): New implications toward the causative fault zone
I Kassaras, V Kapetanidis, A Karakonstantis, G Kaviris, P Papadimitriou, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 73, 60-80, 2014
The July 20, 2017 M6. 6 Kos earthquake: seismic and geodetic evidence for an active north-dipping normal fault at the western end of the Gulf of Gökova (SE Aegean Sea)
A Ganas, P Elias, V Kapetanidis, S Valkaniotis, P Briole, I Kassaras, ...
Pure and Applied Geophysics 176 (10), 4177-4211, 2019
Upper crust seismic anisotropy study and temporal variations of shear-wave splitting parameters in the Western Gulf of Corinth (Greece) during 2013
G Kaviris, I Spingos, V Kapetanidis, P Papadimitriou, N Voulgaris, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 269, 148-164, 2017
Contemporary crustal stress of the Greek region deduced from earthquake focal mechanisms
V Kapetanidis, I Kassaras
Journal of Geodynamics 123, 55-82, 2019
Observations of shear-wave splitting parameters in the Western Gulf of Corinth focusing on the 2014 Mw= 5.0 earthquake
G Kaviris, C Millas, I Spingos, V Kapetanidis, I Fountoulakis, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 282, 60-76, 2018
Constraints on the dynamics and spatio-temporal evolution of the 2011 Oichalia seismic swarm (SW Peloponnesus, Greece)
I Kassaras, V Kapetanidis, A Karakonstantis, V Kouskouna, A Ganas, ...
Tectonophysics 614, 100-127, 2014
Seismotectonic analysis of the 2013 seismic sequence at the western Corinth Rift
G Chouliaras, I Kassaras, V Kapetanidis, P Petrou, G Drakatos
Journal of Geodynamics 90, 42-57, 2015
Rupture kinematics of 2020 January 24 Mw 6.7 Doğanyol-Sivrice, Turkey earthquake on the East Anatolian Fault Zone imaged by space geodesy
D Melgar, A Ganas, T Taymaz, S Valkaniotis, BW Crowell, V Kapetanidis, ...
Geophysical Journal International 223 (2), 862-874, 2020
Anisotropy study in Villia (E. Corinth Gulf, Greece)
G Kaviris, V Kapetanidis, P Kravvariti, A Karakonstantis, G Bozionelos, ...
Proceedings of the Second ECEES, 2014
Effects of the January 2018 seismic sequence on shear-wave splitting in the upper crust of Marathon (NE Attica, Greece)
G Kaviris, I Spingos, C Millas, V Kapetanidis, I Fountoulakis, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 285, 45-58, 2018
Resolving the tectonic stress by the inversion of earthquake focal mechanisms. Application in the region of Greece. A tutorial
IG Kassaras, V Kapetanidis
Moment Tensor Solutions, 405-452, 2018
Spatiotemporal patterns of microseismicity for the identification of active fault structures using seismic waveform cross-correlation and double-difference relocation
V Kapetanidis
Εθνικό και Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών (ΕΚΠΑ). Σχολή Θετικών Επιστημών …, 2017
A cross-correlation technique for relocation of seismicity in the western Corinth rift
V Kapetanidis, P Papadimitriou, K Makropoulos
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 43 (4), 2015-2025, 2010
Seismic site characterization at the western Cephalonia Island in the aftermath of the 2014 earthquake series
I Kassaras, P Papadimitriou, V Kapetanidis, N Voulgaris
International Journal of Geo-Engineering 8 (1), 1-22, 2017
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