Vasyl Lozynskyi
Vasyl Lozynskyi
Dnipro University of Technology / НТУ "Дніпровська політехніка"
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Review of man-made mineral formations accumulation and prospects of their developing in mining industrial regions in Ukraine
M Petlovanyi, O Kuzmenko, V Lozynskyi, V Popovych, K Sai, P Saik
Mining of Mineral Deposits, 24-38, 2019
Analytical Research of the Stress-Deformed State in the Rock Massif around Faulting
V Lozynskyi, P Saik, M Petlovanyi, K Sai, Y Malanchyk
International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa 35, 140-151, 2018
Modeling of the disjunctive geological fault influence on the exploitation wells stability during underground coal gasification
RO Dychkovskyi, VH Lozynskyi, PB Saik, MV Petlovanyi, YZ Malanchuk, ...
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 2018
Modern experience of low-coal seams underground mining in Ukraine
MV Petlovanyi, VH Lozynskyi, PB Saik, KS Sai
International Journal of Mining Science and Technology 28 (6), 917-923, 2018
New method for justification the technological parameters of coal gasification in the test setting
V Falshtynskyy, R Dychkovskyy, V Lozynskyy, P Saik
Geomechanical Processes during Underground Mining: School of Underground …, 2012
Justification of the gasification channel length in underground gas generator
V Falshtyns’kyy, R Dychkovs’kyy, V Lozyns’kyy, P Saik
Mining of Mineral Deposits, 125-132, 2013
Revisiting the underground gasification of coal reserves from contiguous seams
PB Saik, RO Dychkovskyi, VH Lozynskyi, ZR Malanchuk, YZ Malanchuk
Науковий вісник Національного гірничого університету, 60-66, 2016
Revisiting posibility to cross disjunctive geological faults by underground gasifier
VH Lozynskyi, RO Dychkovskyi, VS Falshtynskyi, PB Saik
Naukovyi visnyk natsionalnoho hirnychoho universytetu, 22-28, 2015
Formation of thermal fields by the energy-chemical complex of coal gasification
VS Falshtynskyi, RO Dychkovskyi, PB Saik, VH Lozynskyi, ...
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu, 2017
Research of thermodynamic conditions for gas hydrates formation from methane in the coal mines
K Sai, Z Malanchuk, M Petlovanyi, P Saik, V Lozynskyi
Solid State Phenomena 291, 155-172, 2019
Experimental study of the influence of crossing the disjunctive geological fault on thermal regime of underground gasifier
VG Lozynskyi, RO Dychkovskyi, VS Falshtynskyi, PB Saik, YZ Malanchuk
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu, 21-29, 2016
An overview and prospectives of practical application of the biomass gasification technology in Ukraine
V Bondarenko, V Lozynskyi, K Sai, K Anikushyna
New Developments in Mining Engineering 2015: Theoretical and Practical …, 2015
Substantiation into mass and heat balance for underground coal gasification in faulting zones
V Lozynskyi, P Saik, M Petlovanyi, K Sai, Z Malanchuk, Y Malanchuk
Inżynieria Mineralna 20, 2018
Innovative aspects of underground coal gasification technology in mine conditions
V Falshtynskyi, P Saik, V Lozynskyi, R Dychkovskyi, M Petlovanyi
Mining of Mineral Deposits, 68, 2018
Innovative approach to the integrated use of energy resources of underground coal gasification
P Saik, M Petlovanyi, V Lozynskyi, K Sai, A Merzlikin
Solid State Phenomena 277, 221-231, 2018
Substantiating parameters of zeolite-smectite puff-stone washout and migration within an extraction chamber.
ZR Malanchuk, VS Moshynskyi, VY Korniienko, YZ Malanchuk, ...
Scientific Bulletin of National Mining University, 2019
Substantiating parameters of stratification cavities formation in the roof rocks during underground coal gasification
V Falshtynskyi, V Lozynskyi, P Saik, R Dychkovskyi, M Tabachenko
Mining of Mineral Deposits 10 (1), 16-24, 2016
The influence of geology and ore deposit occurrence conditions on dilution indicators of extracted reserves
M Petlovanyi, V Lozynskyi, S Zubko, P Saik, K Sai
Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik 34 (1), 83-91, 2019
Some aspects of technological processes control of an in-situ gasifier during coal seam gasification
V Falshtynskyi, R Dychkovskyi, P Saik, V Lozynskyi
Progressive technologies of coal, coalbed methane, and ores mining, 109-112, 2014
Multivariance solutions for designing new levels of coal mines
V Lozynskyi, V Medianyk, P Saik, K Rysbekov, M Demydov
Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik 35 (2), 23-31, 2020
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