Andreii S. Kritchenkov (Андрей Сергеевич Критченков)
Andreii S. Kritchenkov (Андрей Сергеевич Критченков)
RUDN University (Российский университет дружбы народов)
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Chitosan and its derivatives: Vectors in gene therapy
AS Kritchenkov, S Andranovitš, YA Skorik
Russian Chemical Reviews 86 (3), 231, 2017
Synthesis of N-succinyl-and N-glutaryl-chitosan derivatives and their antioxidant, antiplatelet, and anticoagulant activity
YA Skorik, AS Kritchenkov, YE Moskalenko, AA Golyshev, SV Raik, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 166, 166-172, 2017
Development of drug delivery systems for taxanes using ionic gelation of carboxyacyl derivatives of chitosan
YA Skorik, AA Golyshev, AS Kritchenkov, ER Gasilova, DN Poshina, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 162, 49-55, 2017
Facile and reversible 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition of aryl ketonitrones to platinum (II)-bound nitriles: synthetic, structural, and theoretical studies
AS Kritchenkov, NA Bokach, ML Kuznetsov, FM Dolgushin, TQ Tung, ...
Organometallics 31 (2), 687-699, 2012
Unexpectedly efficient activation of push–pull nitriles by a Pt II center toward dipolar cycloaddition of Z-nitrones
AS Kritchenkov, NA Bokach, M Haukka, VY Kukushkin
Dalton Transactions 40 (16), 4175-4182, 2011
N-[4-(N, N, N-trimethylammonium) benzyl] chitosan chloride: Synthesis, interaction with DNA and evaluation of transfection efficiency
SV Raik, DN Poshina, TA Lyalina, DS Polyakov, VB Vasilyev, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 181, 693-700, 2018
Comparative study of diethylaminoethyl-chitosan and methylglycol-chitosan as potential non-viral vectors for gene therapy
SV Raik, S Andranovitš, VA Petrova, Y Xu, JKW Lam, GA Morris, ...
Polymers 10 (4), 442, 2018
Impact resistance of cement and gypsum plaster nanomodified by water-soluble fullerenols
AA Zolotarev, AI Lushin, NA Charykov, KN Semenov, VI Namazbaev, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (41), 14583-14591, 2013
Fullerenol-d Solubility in Fullerenol-d–Inorganic Salt–Water Ternary Systems at 25 °C
KN Semenov, NA Charykov, VA Keskinov, AS Kritchenkov, IV Murin
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (46), 16095-16100, 2013
Natural polysaccharide-based smart (temperature sensing) and active (antibacterial, antioxidant and photoprotective) nanoparticles with potential application in biocompatible …
AS Kritchenkov, AR Egorov, NV Dubashynskaya, OV Volkova, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 134, 480-486, 2019
Novel non-toxic high efficient antibacterial azido chitosan derivatives with potential application in food coatings
AS Kritchenkov, AR Egorov, MN Kurasova, OV Volkova, TV Meledina, ...
Food chemistry 301, 125247, 2019
Amidrazone complexes from a cascade platinum (II)-mediated reaction between amidoximes and dialkylcyanamides
DS Bolotin, NA Bokach, AS Kritchenkov, M Haukka, VY Kukushkin
Inorganic chemistry 52 (11), 6378-6389, 2013
Synthesis of novel 1H-tetrazole derivatives of chitosan via metal-catalyzed 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition. Catalytic and antibacterial properties of [3-(1H-tetrazole-5-yl) ethyl …
AS Kritchenkov, AR Egorov, IS Krytchankou, NV Dubashynskaya, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 132, 340-350, 2019
Click reactions in chitosan chemistry
AS Kritchenkov, YA Skorik
Russian Chemical Bulletin 66 (5), 769-781, 2017
Ultrasound-assisted Cu (I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne click cycloaddition as polymer-analogous transformation in chitosan chemistry. High antibacterial and transfection activity of …
AS Kritchenkov, AR Egorov, AP Dysin, OV Volkova, LA Zabodalova, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 137, 592-603, 2019
Synthesis and identification watersoluble trismalonate of light fullerene-c 60 [= c (COOH) 2] 3
KN Semenov, NA Charykov, AS Kritchenkov, IA Cherepkova, ...
Наносистемы: физика, химия, математика 5 (2), 2014
Selective nucleophilic oxygenation of palladium-bound isocyanide ligands: Route to imine complexes that serve as efficient catalysts for copper-/phosphine-free sonogashira …
AS Kritchenkov, KV Luzyanin, NA Bokach, ML Kuznetsov, VV Gurzhiy, ...
Organometallics 32 (6), 1979-1987, 2013
A palladium (II) center activates nitrile ligands toward 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition of nitrones substantially more than the corresponding platinum (II) center
AS Kritchenkov, NA Bokach, GL Starova, VY Kukushkin
Inorganic chemistry 51 (21), 11971-11979, 2012
Solid-liquid phase equilibria in the fullerenol-d-CuCl 2-H 2 O system at 25° C
KN Semenov, IG Kanterman, NA Charykov, IV Murin, AS Kritchenkov
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A 88 (6), 1073-1075, 2014
Volume properties of water solutions and refraction at 25° c water-soluble trismalonate of light fullerene-c 60 [= c (COOH) 2] 3
KN Semenov, NA Charykov, AS Kritchenkov, IA Cherepkova, ...
Наносистемы: физика, химия, математика 5 (3), 2014
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