Martin Jech
Martin Jech
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Piston ring wear and cylinder liner tribofilm in tribotests with lubricants artificially altered with ethanol combustion products
C Lenauer, C Tomastik, T Wopelka, M Jech
Tribology International 82, 415-422, 2015
TLA and wear quantification of an aluminium–silicon–copper alloy for the car industry
E Corniani, M Jech, F Ditroi, T Wopelka, F Franek
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Enhanced tribological performance of tungsten carbide functionalized surfaces via in-situ formation of low-friction tribofilms
V Totolin, MR Ripoll, M Jech, B Podgornik
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Sizing of metallic nanoparticles confined to a microfluidic film applying dark-field particle tracking
C Haiden, T Wopelka, M Jech, F Keplinger, MJ Vellekoop
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Characterisation of orange peel on highly polished steel surfaces
ML Miranda-Medina, P Somkuti, D Bianchi, U Cihak-Bayr, D Bader, ...
Surface Engineering 31 (7), 519-525, 2015
A microfluidic chip and dark-field imaging system for size measurement of metal wear particles in oil
C Haiden, T Wopelka, M Jech, F Keplinger, MJ Vellekoop
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Tribo‐electrochemical study of stainless steel surfaces during chemical–mechanical polishing
V Totolin, H Göcerler, M Rodríguez Ripoll, M Jech
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F Ditrói, S Takács, F Tárkányi, E Corniani, R Smith, M Jech, T Wopelka
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Comparison of parametric and profilometric surface analysis methods on machined surfaces
J Böhm, M Jech, G Vorlaufer, M Vellekoop
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Real time durability of tribofilms in the piston ring–cylinder liner contact
S Spiller, C Lenauer, T Wopelka, M Jech
Tribology International 113, 92-100, 2017
Impact of oil aging on wear of piston ring and cylinder liner system
K Steinschütz, B Geringer, M Jech, M Urbanek, T Wopelka, C Besser
SAE Technical Paper, 2010
Wear of different material pairings for the cylinder liner–piston ring contact
T Wopelka, U Cihak-Bayr, C Lenauer, F Ditroi, S Takács, J Sequard-Base, ...
Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, 2018
High-resolution wear analysis of a ball-on-disc contact using low-activity radioactive isotopes
E Corniani, M Jech, T Wopelka, F Ditroi, F Franek, A Pauschitz
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of …, 2012
A microfluidic system for visualisation of individual sub-micron particles by light scattering
C Haiden, T Wopelka, M Jech, D Puchberger-Enengl, E Weber, ...
Procedia Engineering 47, 680-683, 2012
Analysis of NM-scale scratches on high-gloss tribological surfaces by using an angle-resolved light scattering method
J Böhm, M Jech, M Vellekoop
Tribology letters 37 (2), 209-214, 2010
Lubricating performance of mixtures of bio-diesel and mineral diesel investigated in a model tribometer with radioactive isotopes
M Jech, T Wopelka, F Franek
STLE/ASME 2008 International Joint Tribology Conference, 753-755, 2008
Primary calibration by reciprocity method of high-frequency acoustic-emission piezoelectric transducers
M Haas, U Cihak-Bayr, C Tomastik, M Jech, M Gröschl
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 143 (6), 3557-3562, 2018
Surface analysis of cylinder liners from tribological model experiments and internal combustion engines
C Tomastik, M Jech, T Wopelka, F Franek
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Modeling and simulation assisted tribometrology
F Franek, G Vorlaufer, A Stadler, M Jech, T Wopelka
Tribology in Industry 30 (3-4), 37-47, 2008
Improving wear resistance of functional surfaces using the machine hammer peening technique
MR Ripoll, F Heindl, C Lechner, C Habersohn, M Jech, F Bleicher
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