Andrii Lozynskyi
Andrii Lozynskyi
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Department of Pharmaceutical, Organic and
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Synthesis and anticancer activity of new thiopyrano [2, 3-d] thiazoles based on cinnamic acid amides
A LOZYNSKYI, B Zimenkovsky, R Lesyk
Scientia pharmaceutica 82 (4), 723-734, 2014
Synthesis, anticancer and antiviral activities of novel thiopyrano[2,3-d]thiazole-6-carbaldehydes
A Lozynskyi, S Golota, B Zimenkovsky, D Atamanyuk, A Gzella, R Lesyk
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 191 (9), 1245-1249, 2016
Synthesis and cytotoxicity of new thiazolo [4, 5-b] pyridine-2 (3 H)-one derivatives based on α, β-unsaturated ketones and α-ketoacids
A Lozynskyi, B Zimenkovsky, L Radko, S Stypula-Trebas, O Roman, ...
Chemical Papers 72 (3), 669-681, 2018
Arylidene pyruvic acids motif in the synthesis of new thiopyrano [2, 3-d] thiazoles as potential biologically active compounds
A Lozynskyi, B Zimenkovsky, I Nektegayev, R Lesyk
Heterocyclic Communications 21 (1), 55-59, 2015
Screening of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities among thiopyrano [2, 3-d] thiazoles
AV Lozynskyi, DV Kaminskyy, KB Romanchyshyn, NG Semenciv, ...
Вiopolymers and Cell, 2015
Thiopyrano [2, 3-d] thiazoles as new efficient scaffolds in medicinal chemistry
A Kryshchyshyn, O Roman, A Lozynskyi, R Lesyk
Scientia pharmaceutica 86 (2), 26, 2018
Synthesis, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of novel thiopyrano [2, 3-d] thiazoles based on aroylacrylic acids
A Lozynskyi, V Zasidko, D Atamanyuk, D Kaminskyy, H Derkach, ...
Molecular diversity 21 (2), 427-436, 2017
Antioxidant enzyme activity and lipid peroxidation in rat liver exposed to celecoxib and lansoprazole under epinephrine-induced stress
B Melekh, I Ilkiv, A Lozynskyi, A Sklyarov
J. Appl. Pharm. Sci 7, 94-99, 2017
Application of the 2(5H)furanone motif in the synthesis of new thiopyrano[2,3-d]thiazoles via the hetero-Diels–Alder reaction and related tandem processes
A Lozynskyi, B Zimenkovsky, A Karkhut, S Polovkovych, AK Gzella, ...
Tetrahedron Letters 57 (30), 3318-3321, 2016
Arylidene Pyruvic Acids Motif in the Synthesis of New 2H,5H-Chromeno[4′,3′:4,5]thiopyrano[2,3-d]thiazoles via Tandem Hetero-Diels–Alder-Hemiacetal Reaction
A Lozynskyi, B Zimenkovsky, AK Gzella, R Lesyk
Synthetic Communications 45 (19), 2266-2270, 2015
Hydrogen sulfide releasing 2-mercaptoacrylic acid-based derivative possesses cytoprotective activity in a small intestine of rats with medication-induced enteropathy
Y Sklyarova, I Fomenko, I Lozynska, A Lozynskyi, R Lesyk, A Sklyarov
Scientia pharmaceutica 85 (4), 35, 2017
The application of anthraquinone-based triazenes as equivalents of diazonium salts in reaction with methylene active compounds
A Lozynskyi, O Sabadakh, E Luchkevich, T Taras, R Vynnytska, ...
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 193 (7), 409-414, 2018
Use of lectin as a vector molecule for delivery of medicinal products to cells and tissues
VO Antonyuk, OY Klyuchivska, RV Antonyuk, AV Lozynskyi, ...
Вiopolymers and Cell, 2016
Synthesis and biological activity evaluation of new thiazolidinone-diclofenac hybrid molecules
Y Shepeta, A Lozynskyi, M Sulyma, I Nektegayev, P Grellier, R Lesyk
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 195 (10), 836-841, 2020
Synthesis of indoline-thiazolidinone hybrids with antibacterial and antifungal activities
YT Konechnyi, AV Lozynskyi, VY Horishny, RT Konechna, RB Vynnytska, ...
Biopolymers and Cell 36 (5), 381-391, 2020
Synthesis and cytotoxicity of new 2-oxo-7-phenyl-2,3-dihydrothiazolo[4,5-b]pyridine-5-carboxylic acid amides
A Lozynskyi, B Zimenkovsky, I Ivasechko, J Senkiv, A Gzella, O Karpenko, ...
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 194 (12), 1149-1157, 2019
Tandem hetero-Diels–Alder-hemiacetal reaction in the synthesis of new chromeno [4′, 3′: 4, 5] thiopyrano [2, 3-d] thiazoles
A Lozynskyi, V Matiychuk, O Karpenko, AK Gzella, R Lesyk
Heterocyclic Communications 23 (1), 1-5, 2017
Synthesis and Biological Activity Evaluation of Polyfunctionalized Anthraquinonehydrazones
A Lozynskyi, S Holota, I Yushyn, O Sabadakh, O Karpenko, V Novikov, ...
Letters in Drug Design & Discovery 18 (2), 199-209, 2021
Biodistribution and Anticancer Characteristics of Les-3833, A Novel 4-thiazolidinone-Based Lead Compound
L Kobylinska, A Lozynskii, R Lesyk, R Stoika, SG Vari
Scientia Pharmaceutica 88 (2), 18, 2020
Recycling of expired paracetamol-containing drugs as source of useful reagents for an organic synthesis
I Puzanova, A Lozynskyi, L Lesyk, B Hromovyk, R Lesyk
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 9 (02), 052-056, 2019
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