William W Lytton
William W Lytton
Professor of Physiology & Pharmacology and Neurology, SUNY Downstatate
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Simulations of cortical pyramidal neurons synchronized by inhibitory interneurons
WW Lytton, TJ Sejnowski
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Computer modelling of epilepsy
WW Lytton
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M Migliore, C Cannia, WW Lytton, H Markram, ML Hines
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Unmasking the CA1 ensemble place code by exposures to small and large environments: more place cells and multiple, irregularly arranged, and expanded place fields in the larger …
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Attention-like modulation of hippocampus place cell discharge
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Integrating machine learning and multiscale modeling—perspectives, challenges, and opportunities in the biological, biomedical, and behavioral sciences
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From computer to brain: foundations of computational neuroscience
WW Lytton
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Dynamic interactions determine partial thalamic quiescence in a computer network model of spike-and-wave seizures
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Control of slow oscillations in the thalamocortical neuron: a computer model
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Optimizing synaptic conductance calculation for network simulations
WW Lytton
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Computer simulations of EPSP-spike (ES) potentiation in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells
JC Wathey, WW Lytton, JM Jester, TJ Sejnowski
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Regulation of the NMDA component of EPSPs by different components of postsynaptic GABAergic inhibition: computer simulation analysis in piriform cortex
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Receptive field changes after strokelike cortical ablation: a role for activation dynamics
SJ Sober, JM Stark, DS Yamasaki, WW Lytton
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