Vincent Baltz
Vincent Baltz
CNRS research scientist at SPINTEC
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Antiferromagnetic spintronics
V Baltz, A Manchon, M Tsoi, T Moriyama, T Ono, Y Tserkovnyak
Reviews of Modern Physics 90 (1), 015005, 2018
Creep and Flow Regimes of Magnetic Domain-Wall Motion in Ultrathin Films with Perpendicular Anisotropy
PJ Metaxas, JP Jamet, A Mougin, M Cormier, J Ferré, V Baltz, B Rodmacq, ...
Physical review letters 99 (21), 217208, 2007
Tailoring Size Effects on the Exchange Bias in Ferromagnetic-Antiferromagnetic Nanostructures
V Baltz, J Sort, S Landis, B Rodmacq, B Dieny
Physical review letters 94 (11), 117201, 2005
Tailoring perpendicular exchange bias in [Pt/Co]-IrMn multilayers
J Sort, V Baltz, F Garcia, B Rodmacq, B Dieny
Physical Review B 71 (5), 054411, 2005
Antiferromagnetic spin textures and dynamics
O Gomonay, V Baltz, A Brataas, Y Tserkovnyak
Nature Physics 14 (3), 213-216, 2018
Enhanced spin pumping efficiency in antiferromagnetic IrMn thin films around the magnetic phase transition
L Frangou, S Oyarzun, S Auffret, L Vila, S Gambarelli, V Baltz
Physical review letters 116 (7), 077203, 2016
Exploiting length scales of exchange‐bias systems to fully tailor double‐shifted hysteresis loops
S Brück, J Sort, V Baltz, S Surinach, JS Munoz, B Dieny, MD Baró, ...
Advanced Materials 17 (24), 2978-2983, 2005
Crossover from spin accumulation into interface states to spin injection in the germanium conduction band
A Jain, JC Rojas-Sanchez, M Cubukcu, J Peiro, JC Le Breton, E Prestat, ...
Physical review letters 109 (10), 106603, 2012
Electrical spin injection and detection at Al2O3/n-type germanium interface using three terminal geometry
A Jain, L Louahadj, J Peiro, JC Le Breton, C Vergnaud, A Barski, ...
Applied Physics Letters 99 (16), 162102, 2011
Comparison of synthetic antiferromagnets and hard ferromagnets as reference layer in magnetic tunnel junctions with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
S Bandiera, RC Sousa, Y Dahmane, C Ducruet, C Portemont, V Baltz, ...
IEEE Magnetics Letters 1, 3000204-3000204, 2010
Effect of electrical current pulses on domain walls in Pt/Co/Pt nanotracks with out-of-plane anisotropy: Spin transfer torque versus Joule heating
M Cormier, A Mougin, J Ferré, A Thiaville, N Charpentier, F Piéchon, ...
Physical Review B 81 (2), 024407, 2010
Magnetic domain replication in interacting bilayers with out-of-plane anisotropy: Application to multilayers
V Baltz, A Marty, B Rodmacq, B Dieny
Physical Review B 75 (1), 014406, 2007
Bimodal distribution of blocking temperature in exchange-biased ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayers
V Baltz, B Rodmacq, A Zarefy, L Lechevallier, B Dieny
Physical review B 81 (5), 052404, 2010
Penetration depth and absorption mechanisms of spin currents in Ir20Mn80 and Fe50Mn50 polycrystalline films by ferromagnetic resonance and spin pumping
P Merodio, A Ghosh, C Lemonias, E Gautier, U Ebels, M Chshiev, H Béa, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (3), 032406, 2014
Domain decoration in dipolar coupled ferromagnetic stacks with perpendicular anisotropy
S Wiebel, JP Jamet, N Vernier, A Mougin, J Ferré, V Baltz, B Rodmacq, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (14), 142502, 2005
Thermal activation effects on the exchange bias in ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic nanostructures
V Baltz, J Sort, B Rodmacq, B Dieny, S Landis
Physical Review B 72 (10), 104419, 2005
Size effects on exchange bias in sub-100 nm ferromagnetic–antiferromagnetic dots deposited on prepatterned substrates
V Baltz, J Sort, B Rodmacq, B Dieny, S Landis
Applied physics letters 84 (24), 4923-4925, 2004
Influence of edges on the exchange bias properties of ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic nanodots
V Baltz, G Gaudin, P Somani, B Dieny
Applied Physics Letters 96 (26), 262505, 2010
Conductance features in point contact Andreev reflection spectra
V Baltz, AD Naylor, KM Seemann, W Elder, S Sheen, K Westerholt, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21 (9), 095701, 2009
Magnetic behavior of systems composed of coupled ferromagnetic bilayers with distinct anisotropy directions
A Bollero, LD Buda-Prejbeanu, V Baltz, J Sort, B Rodmacq, B Dieny
Physical Review B 73 (14), 144407, 2006
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