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Valley-based noise-resistant quantum computation using Si quantum dots
D Culcer, AL Saraiva, B Koiller, X Hu, SD Sarma
Physical review letters 108 (12), 126804, 2012
Physical mechanisms of interface-mediated intervalley coupling in Si
AL Saraiva, MJ Calderón, X Hu, SD Sarma, B Koiller
Physical Review B 80 (8), 081305, 2009
Intervalley coupling for interface-bound electrons in silicon: an effective mass study
AL Saraiva, MJ Calderón, RB Capaz, X Hu, SD Sarma, B Koiller
Physical Review B 84 (15), 155320, 2011
Dispersively detected Pauli spin-blockade in a silicon nanowire field-effect transistor
AC Betz, R Wacquez, M Vinet, X Jehl, AL Saraiva, M Sanquer, ...
Nano letters 15 (7), 4622-4627, 2015
Single-Shot Readout and Relaxation of Singlet and Triplet States in Exchange-Coupled Electron Spins in Silicon
JP Dehollain, JT Muhonen, KY Tan, A Saraiva, DN Jamieson, AS Dzurak, ...
Physical review letters 112 (23), 236801, 2014
Theory of one and two donors in silicon
AL Saraiva, A Baena, MJ Calderón, B Koiller
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 27 (15), 154208, 2015
Operation of a silicon quantum processor unit cell above one kelvin
CH Yang, RCC Leon, JCC Hwang, A Saraiva, T Tanttu, W Huang, ...
Nature 580 (7803), 350-354, 2020
An exchange-coupled donor molecule in silicon
MF González-Zalba, A Saraiva, MJ Calderón, D Heiss, B Koiller, ...
Nano letters 14 (10), 5672-5676, 2014
Genetic design of enhanced valley splitting towards a spin qubit in silicon
L Zhang, JW Luo, A Saraiva, B Koiller, A Zunger
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-7, 2013
Extended interface states enhance valley splitting in Si/SiO 2
AL Saraiva, B Koiller, M Friesen
Physical Review B 82 (24), 245314, 2010
Quantum control and manipulation of donor electrons in Si-based quantum computing
MJ Calderón, A Saraiva, B Koiller, S Das Sarma
Journal of applied physics 105 (12), 122410, 2009
Temporal quantum correlations in inelastic light scattering from water
M Kasperczyk, FS de Aguiar Júnior, C Rabelo, A Saraiva, MF Santos, ...
Physical review letters 117 (24), 243603, 2016
Coherent spin control of s-, p-, d-and f-electrons in a silicon quantum dot
RCC Leon, CH Yang, JCC Hwang, JC Lemyre, T Tanttu, W Huang, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-7, 2020
Photonic counterparts of Cooper pairs
A Saraiva, FS de Aguiar Júnior, RM e Souza, AP Pena, CH Monken, ...
Physical review letters 119 (19), 193603, 2017
Donor wave functions in Si gauged by STM images
AL Saraiva, J Salfi, J Bocquel, B Voisin, S Rogge, RB Capaz, ...
Physical Review B 93 (4), 045303, 2016
Impact of the valley degree of freedom on the control of donor electrons near a Si/SiO 2 interface
A Baena, AL Saraiva, B Koiller, MJ Calderón
Physical Review B 86 (3), 035317, 2012
Transport through an impurity tunnel coupled to a Si/SiGe quantum dot
RH Foote, DR Ward, JR Prance, JK Gamble, E Nielsen, B Thorgrimsson, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (10), 103112, 2015
Reliability of the Heitler-London approach for the exchange coupling between electrons in semiconductor nanostructures
AL Saraiva, MJ Calderón, B Koiller
Physical Review B 76 (23), 233302, 2007
Adequacy of Si: P chains as Fermi–Hubbard simulators
A Dusko, A Delgado, A Saraiva, B Koiller
npj Quantum Information 4 (1), 1-5, 2018
Splitting valleys in Si/: Identification and control of interface states
A Dusko, AL Saraiva, B Koiller
Physical Review B 89 (20), 205307, 2014
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