Hamed Azami
Hamed Azami
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Dispersion entropy: A measure for time-series analysis
M Rostaghi, H Azami
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 23 (5), 610-614, 2016
An improved signal segmentation using moving average and Savitzky-Golay filter
H Azami, K Mohammadi, B Bozorgtabar
Scientific Research Publishing, 2012
Improved multiscale permutation entropy for biomedical signal analysis: Interpretation and application to electroencephalogram recordings
H Azami, J Escudero
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 23, 28-41, 2016
Amplitude-aware permutation entropy: Illustration in spike detection and signal segmentation
H Azami, J Escudero
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 128, 40-51, 2016
Refined multiscale fuzzy entropy based on standard deviation for biomedical signal analysis
H Azami, A Fernández, J Escudero
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 55 (11), 2037-2052, 2017
Refined Composite Multiscale Dispersion Entropy and its Application to Biomedical Signals
H Azami, M Rostaghi, D Abásolo, J Escudero
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 2017
Classification of GPS satellites using improved back propagation training algorithms
H Azami, MR Mosavi, S Sanei
Wireless personal communications 71 (2), 789-803, 2013
Refined composite multivariate generalized multiscale fuzzy entropy: A tool for complexity analysis of multichannel signals
H Azami, J Escudero
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 465, 261-276, 2017
An intelligent approach for variable size segmentation of non-stationary signals
H Azami, H Hassanpour, J Escudero, S Sanei
Journal of advanced research 6 (5), 687-698, 2015
Univariate and multivariate generalized multiscale entropy to characterise EEG signals in Alzheimer’s disease
H Azami, D Abásolo, S Simons, J Escudero
Entropy 19 (1), 31, 2017
A hybrid evolutionary approach to segmentation of non-stationary signals
H Azami, S Sanei, K Mohammadi, H Hassanpour
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An improved signal segmentation method using genetic algorithm
H Azami, K Mohammadi, H Hassanpour
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Coarse-graining approaches in univariate multiscale sample and dispersion entropy
H Azami, J Escudero
Entropy 20 (2), 138, 2018
Spike detection approaches for noisy neuronal data: assessment and comparison
H Azami, S Sanei
Neurocomputing 133, 491-506, 2014
Applying neural network ensembles for clustering of GPS satellites
MR Mosavi, H Azami
International Journal of Geoinformatics 7 (3), 2011
A novel signal segmentation method based on standard deviation and variable threshold
H Azami, S Sanei, K Mohammadi
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Amplitude-and fluctuation-based dispersion entropy
H Azami, J Escudero
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Application of dispersion entropy to status characterization of rotary machines
M Rostaghi, MR Ashory, H Azami
Journal of Sound and Vibration 438, 291-308, 2019
Improving the neural network training for face recognition using adaptive learning rate, resilient back propagation and conjugate gradient algorithm
H Azami, S Sanei, K Mohammadi
International Journal of Computer Applications 34 (2), 22-36, 2011
Extracellular spike detection from multiple electrode array using novel intelligent filter and ensemble fuzzy decision making
H Azami, J Escudero, A Darzi, S Sanei
Journal of neuroscience methods 239, 129-138, 2015
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