Frédérique Vanholsbeeck
Frédérique Vanholsbeeck
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The role of pump incoherence in continuous-wave supercontinuum generation
F Vanholsbeeck, S Martin-Lopez, M González-Herráez, S Coen
Optics express 13 (17), 6615-6625, 2005
A human acinar structure for simulation of realistic alveolar plateau slopes
B Dutrieue, F Vanholsbeeck, S Verbanck, M Paiva
Journal of Applied Physiology 89 (5), 1859-1867, 2000
Passively mode-locked Raman fiber laser with 100 GHz repetition rate
J Schröder, S Coen, F Vanholsbeeck, T Sylvestre
Optics letters 31 (23), 3489-3491, 2006
Combined effect of Raman and parametric gain on single-pump parametric amplifiers.
ASY Hsieh, GKL Wong, SG Murdoch, S Coen, F Vanholsbeeck, ...
Optics express 15 (13), 8104-8114, 2007
Dispersion compensation in Fourier domain optical coherence tomography using the fractional Fourier transform
N Lippok, S Coen, P Nielsen, F Vanholsbeeck
Optics express 20 (21), 23398-23413, 2012
Complete experimental characterization of the influence of parametric four-wave mixing on stimulated Raman gain
F Vanholsbeeck, P Emplit, S Coen
Optics letters 28 (20), 1960-1962, 2003
Optimisation of the protocol for the LIVE/DEAD® BacLightTM bacterial viability kit for rapid determination of bacterial load
J Robertson, C McGoverin, F Vanholsbeeck, S Swift
Frontiers in microbiology 10, 801, 2019
Absolute bacterial cell enumeration using flow cytometry
F Ou, C McGoverin, S Swift, F Vanholsbeeck
Journal of applied microbiology 123 (2), 464-477, 2017
Supercontinuum generation using continuous-wave multiwavelength pumping and dispersion management
T Sylvestre, A Vedadi, H Maillotte, F Vanholsbeeck, S Coen
Optics letters 31 (13), 2036-2038, 2006
Broadband spectrally flat and high power density light source for fibre sensing purposes
S Martin-Lopez, M Gonzalez-Herraez, A Carrasco-Sanz, F Vanholsbeeck, ...
Measurement Science and Technology 17 (5), 1014, 2006
Cascaded Raman generation in optical fibers: influence of chromatic dispersion and Rayleigh backscattering
F Vanholsbeeck, S Coen, P Emplit, C Martinelli, T Sylvestre
Optics letters 29 (9), 998-1000, 2004
Dual-fiber stretcher as a tunable dispersion compensator for an all-fiber optical coherence tomography system
S Iyer, S Coen, F Vanholsbeeck
Optics letters 34 (19), 2903-2905, 2009
Novel Fiber Optic Detection Method for in Situ Analysis of Fluorescently Labeled Biosensor Organisms
BM Hewitt, N Singhal, RG Elliot, AYH Chen, JYC Kuo, F Vanholsbeeck, ...
Environmental science & technology 46 (10), 5414-5421, 2012
A rapid and low-cost estimation of bacteria counts in solution using fluorescence spectroscopy
R Guo, C McGoverin, S Swift, F Vanholsbeeck
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 409 (16), 3959-3967, 2017
Coupled-mode analysis of stimulated Raman scattering and four-wave mixing in wavelength-division multiplexed systems
F Vanholsbeeck, S Coen, P Emplit, M Haelterman, T Sylvestre
Optics communications 250 (1-3), 191-201, 2005
A model of electrical impedance tomography implemented in nerve-cuff for neural-prosthetics control
J Hope, F Vanholsbeeck, A McDaid
Physiological measurement 39 (4), 044002, 2018
Bourdieu, networks, and movements: Using the concepts of habitus, field and capital to understand a network analysis of gender differences in undergraduate physics
SM Turnbull, K Locke, F Vanholsbeeck, DRJ O’Neale
PloS one 14 (9), e0222357, 2019
Dispersion mapping at the micrometer scale using tri-band optical frequency domain imaging
N Lippok, SG Murdoch, KL Wu, F Vanholsbeeck
Optics letters 38 (16), 3028-3031, 2013
Dual-fibre stretcher and coma as tools for independent 2nd and 3rd order tunable dispersion compensation in a fibre-based ‘scan-free’time domain optical coherence tomography system
L Froehly, S Iyer, F Vanholsbeeck
Optics Communications 284 (16-17), 4099-4106, 2011
Cascaded Raman laser
C Martinelli, F Leplingard, T Sylvestre, F Vanholsbeeck, P Emplit
US Patent 6,996,135, 2006
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