MoMLeT&DS Workshop
MoMLeT&DS Workshop
Modern Machine Learning Technologies and Data Science Workshop Proceeding, ISSN 1613-0073
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Problems of the Intelligent Virtual Learning Environment Development
M Odrekhivskyy, V Pasichnyk, A Rzheuskyi, V Andrunyk, M Nazaruk, ...
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Development of the Speech-to-Text Chatbot Interface Based on Google API
K Shakhovska
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Web Resource Changes Monitoring System Development
L Chyrun, Y Burov, B Rusyn, L Pohreliuk, O Oleshek, A Gozhyj, І Bobyk
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
An Application Development for Recognizing of View in Order to Control the Mouse Pointer
P Zdebskyi, V Vysotska, R Peleshchak, I Peleshchak, A Demchuk, ...
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Heterogeneous Data with Agreed Content Aggregation System Development
L Chyrun, A Kowalska-Styczen, Y Burov, A Berko, A Vasevych, I Pelekh, ...
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Intelligent Expert System of Knowledge Examination of Medical Staff Regarding Infections Associated with the Provision of Medical Care
M Railian
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Textual Content Categorizing Technology Development Based on Ontology
V Lytvyn, V Vysotska, B Rusyn, L Pohreliuk, P Berezin, O Naum
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Development of Mobile Application for Choreographic Productions Creation and Visualization
A Rzheuskyi, A Gozhyj, A Stefanchuk, O Oborska, L Chyrun, O Lozynska, ...
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Using the K-means Method for Diagnosing Cancer Stage Using the Pandas Library
I Meniailov, K Bazilevych, K Fedulov, S Goranina
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Method of Automated Identification of Metaphoric Meaning in Adjective+ Noun Word Combinations (Based on the Ukrainian Language)
O Levchenko, N Romanyshyn, D Dosyn
MoMLeT&DS2019, 2019
Bayesian Networks' Development Based on Noisy-MAX Nodes for Modeling Investment Processes in Transport
V Lytvynenko, N Savina, J Krejci
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Propaganda Detection in Text Data Based on NLP and Machine Learning
VA Oliinyk, V Vysotska, Y Burov
MoMLeT+DS 2020, 132-144, 2020
Forecasting the Risk of the Resource Demand for Dairy Farms Basing on Machine Learning
А Тryhuba, V Boyarchuk, I Tryhuba, O Ftoma, R Padyuka
MoMLeT+DS 2020, 327-340, 2020
Two Step Density-Based Object-Inductive Clustering Algorithm
V Lytvynenko, I Lurie, J Krejci
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Parallel Method of Neural Network Synthesis Based on a Modified Genetic Algorithm Application
S Leoshchenko, A Oliinyk, S Skrupsky, S Subbotin, T Zaiko
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Development of Intelligent Information Technology of Computer Processing of Pedagogical Tests Open Tasks Based on Machine Learning Approach
A Herasymova, D Chumachenko, H Padalko
MoMLeT+DS 2020, 121-131, 2020
Knowledge-based Big Data Cleanup Method
A Berko, V Alieksieiev, V Lytvyn
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
Economic crime detection using support vector machine classification
A Krysovatyy, H Lipyanina-Goncharenko, S Sachenko, O Desyatnyuk
CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2917, 830-840, 2021
DDOS Attacks Analysis Based On Machine Learning in Challenges of Global Changes
R Lynnyk, V Vysotska, Y Matseliukh
MoMLeT+DS 2020, 159-171, 2020
An Algorithm to Construct Generalized Voronoi Diagrams with Fuzzy Parameters Based on the Theory of Optimal Partitioning and Neuro-Fuzzy Technologies
E Kiseleva, L Hart, O Prytomanova, O Kuzenkov
MoMLeT&DS'2019 1 (Vol-2386), 2019
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