Radoslaw Miskiewicz
Radoslaw Miskiewicz
Associate Professor, University of Szczecin
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Manager competency assessment model in the conditions of industry 4.0
H Dzwigol, M Dzwigol-Barosz, R Miśkiewicz, A Kwilinski
Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues 7 (4), 2630-2644, 2020
Evaluation of the energy security as a component of national security of the country.
H Dźwigoł, M Dźwigoł-Barosz, Z Zhyvko, R Miśkiewicz, H Pushak
Journal of Security & Sustainability Issues 8 (3), 2019
Practical Application of the Industry 4.0 Concept in a Steel Company
R Miśkiewicz, R Wolniak
Sustainability 2020 12 (14(2020)), 2020
The importance of knowledge transfer on the energy market
R Miśkiewicz
Polityka Energetyczna-Energy Policy Journal, 2018
Cost of equity of Coal-Fired Power Generation Projects in Poland. Its Importance for the Management of Decision-Making Process.
PW Saługa, K Szczepańska-Woszczyna, R Miśkiewicz, M Chłąd
Energies. 13(18), 4833, 2020
Public goods versus the farm price-cost squeeze: shaping the sustainability of the EU’s common agricultural policy
B Czyżewski, A Matuszczak, R Miśkiewicz
Technological and Economic Development of Economy 25 (1), 82-102, 2019
Internet of things in marketing: bibliometric analysis
R Miskiewicz
Marketing and Management of Innovations 3, 371-381, 2020
The impact of innovation and information technology on greenhouse gas emissions: a case of the Visegrád countries
R Miśkiewicz
Journal of Risk and Financial Management 14 (2), 59, 2021
Challenges facing management practice in the light of Industry 4.0: The example of Poland
R Miśkiewicz
Virtual Economics 2 (2), 37-47, 2019
Energy security in regional policy in Wielkopolska region of Poland
K Pająk, O Kvilinskyi, O Fasiecka, R Miśkiewicz
Economics and Environment 61 (2), 17-17, 2017
Efficiency of Electricity Production Technology from Post-Process Gas Heat: Ecological, Economic and Social Benefits
R Miśkiewicz
Energies 2020, 13(22), 6106, 2020
Perception of 'Green Shipping' in the contemporary conditions
O Prokopenko, R Miśkiewicz
Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues 8(2): 269-284, 2020
The role of crypto trading in the economy, renewable energy consumption and ecological degradation
R Miśkiewicz, K Matan, J Karnowski
Energies 15 (10), 3805, 2022
The process of developing dynamic capabilities: The conceptualization attempt and the results of empirical studies
S Cyfert, A Chwiłkowska-Kubala, W Szumowski, R Miśkiewicz
Plos One 16 (4), e0249724, 2021
Energy Efficiency in the Industry 4.0 Era: Attributes of Teal Organisations
R Miśkiewicz, A Rzepka, R Borowiecki, Z Olesińki
Energies 14 (20), 6776, 2021
Digital Economy in the Contemporary World
W Drozdz, J Marszalek-Kawa, R Miskiewicz, K Szczepanska-Woszczyna
Electric Vehicles and Vehicle–Grid Interaction in the Turkish Electricity System
HH Coban, W Lewicki, E Sendek-Matysiak, Z Łosiewicz, W Drożdż, ...
Energies 15 (21), 8218, 2022
Carbon nanohorns as reaction nanochambers–a systematic Monte Carlo study
S Furmaniak, PA Gauden, A Patrykiejew, R Miśkiewicz, P Kowalczyk
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 15407, 2018
Knowledge and innovation 4.0 in today's electromobility
R Miśkiewicz
Sustainability, Technology and Innovation 4.0, 256-276, 2021
In silico study on the effects of carbonyl groups on chemical equilibrium of reactions with a polar product occurring under confinement in pores of activated carbons
S Furmaniak, PA Gauden, A Patrykiejew, G Szymański, R Miśkiewicz, ...
Chemical Engineering Communications 208 (2), 171-182, 2021
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