Robin Selinger
Robin Selinger
Professor, Physics Dept., Kent State University
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The macromolecular route to chiral amplification
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Making waves in a photoactive polymer film
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Connectivity of hydrogen bonds in liquid water
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Accordion‐like actuators of multiple 3D patterned liquid crystal polymer films
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Random multiplicative processes and transport in structures with correlated spatial disorder
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Interpretation of the unusual behavior of H2O and D2O at low temperature: are concepts of percolation relevant to the “puzzle of liquid water”?
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Statistical-thermodynamic approach to fracture
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Shape selection in chiral self-assembly
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Structure and dynamics of the hydrogen bond network in water by computer simulations
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Theory of chiral order in random copolymers
JV Selinger, RLB Selinger
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Novel superuniversal behavior of a random-walk model
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Monte Carlo studies of the XY model on two-dimensional curved surfaces
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Gelation models of hydrogen bond networks in liquid water
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Molecular-dynamics study of elasticity and failure of ideal solids
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Self-consistent treatment of repulsive and attractive forces in nonuniform liquids
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Morphology transition in lipid vesicles due to in-plane order and topological defects
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Nematic order on a deformable vesicle: theory and simulation
TS Nguyen, J Geng, RLB Selinger, JV Selinger
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Cholesteric liquid crystals in rectangular microchannels: skyrmions and stripes
Y Guo, S Afghah, J Xiang, OD Lavrentovich, RLB Selinger, QH Wei
Soft Matter 12 (29), 6312-6320, 2016
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